Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Luxury accommodation at Gautrain hotel

Directly across from the Gautrain station in Sandton stands the ever-chic Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel. Its prime location gives guests easy access to the nearby Sandton Convention Centre, Nelson Mandela Square and the huge Sandton City Shopping Centre, so it’s the perfect destination for business and leisure travellers alike.
The luxurious Radisson has 216 exquisite rooms and suites with indulgent amenities, including free high-speed, wireless Internet access. Guests can also enjoy international cuisine, as one of South Africa’s top chefs, David Higgs, who recently moved to Johannesburg from Cape Town, launched his new menu at the hotel in August this year. 
It is modern comfort food, designed to appeal to both the corporate businessperson and the food lover. David’s presence can also be felt in the newly renovated space within the hotel’s vibrant All-day Restaurant – home to the famous Super Breakfast Buffet.
I had the pleasure of relaxing by the Radisson’s pool, sipping on a cocktail and savouring the hotel’s succulent cuisine – all the while enjoying the prime view of Sandton.
Why not treat yourself to Sandton luxury at the Radisson? After all, it’s only a Gautrain trip away.

Friday, September 9, 2011

I Got Minxed!

Through social networking I was approached by Minx Nails to get Minxed. Being one the biggest celebrity trends at the moment, I was captivated at the thought of being able to experience this new beauty trend and to be part of this fashionista’s movement.

With my appointment in place I met with Michell at the Gorgeous Hair, Nail and Body Salon. While Michell applied my Golden Fish Scales, I listened to every detail of what Minx actually is, and I’d like to share this with you… 

Minx is a solid film with an adhesive back, and is heat-activated. The heat helps Minx to comfortably fit over the compound curves of the nail and seals it into the nail bed. Minx is brewed in California and the material that it’s made from can easily be removed by you or your manicurist with the use of heat.

These stylish cosmetic accessories are great for any occasion and are a must-try. So whether you’re going to a fancy dress party or have a work function to attend, be sure to get yourself Minxed!

For more info, call Minx on 0861 846 873, e-mail info@minxmynails.co.za or visit www.minxmynails.co.za

To make an appointment at Gorgeous Hair, Nail and Body Salon, call Michell on 011 894 2520 or e-mail salon@gorgeoushnb.co.za or visit www.gorgeoushnb.co.za

Thursday, August 11, 2011

It’s all about giving back…


Inspired by Kirsty Watts’ story in our September 2011 issue, I think it’s time to give back wherever possible. If Kirsty, at the age of 14 years, with the support of her family and trustees, can initiate the Kirsty Watts Foundation then we should also be motivated to do the same.

Kirsty believes in ‘kids helping kids’ and wants to help children less fortunate than her. It’s for this reason that Kirsty’s Foundation was formed. The trust is funded by fund-raising initiatives, such as golf days, poker evenings and motivational speaking events. The proceeds are distributed directly to the children identified as requiring assistance for a variety of needs.

Support this worthy cause at Kirsty’s next initiative, the 2011 Golfing Day on Thursday, 13 October 2011 at Parkview Golf Course. To take part, visit www.kirstywattsfoundation.org.za, e-mail info@kirstywattsfoundation.org.za or call 011 706 8777.

Another great way to give back is by showing support for the South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind (SAGA).
Over the past 10 years, the Association has hosted the legendary themed Guide-Dogs Ball, which has become an eagerly anticipated annual event. Regarded as the premier charity event on the South African social calendar, the ball creates a sense of enchantment while bringing together sponsors, celebrities and private individuals in aid of the SAGA.

Make a difference by attending this year’s Dinner in the Dark Spring Ball on Saturday, 17 September 2011 at the Montecasino Ballroom. Tickets cost just R850 per person or R10 000 for a table of 12. To make a reservation, call Edith Venter on 011 783 5887, e-mail edith@edithunlimited.co.za or book online by visiting www.guidedog.org.za

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wallpaper 101

For the feature The Way We Love Now in our August 2011 issue of woman&home, I had the pleasure of creating the attractive wallpaper setting for Mo and her husband John.

Hertex Fabrics are renowned for their wallpaper as they bring warmth, character, and style to a room and are unmatched in their aesthetic value. For this reason, I knew on my approach to Hertex Fabrics, I would be sure to discover the perfect wallpaper to fit the feature… and I did. I found the oh-so-fashionable Casablanca in Pistachio wallpaper from their Edition 3 range for R1 100 per roll.  

And if you find yourself falling in love with one of Hertex’s many fabrics and would rather apply that to your wall, don’t fret! There is now a company who can make that all possible. Contact Fabcote on 011 262 3912 or visit www.fabcote.co.za for more information on transforming your favourite Hertex fabric into a fashionable wall covering.

To create beautiful wallpaper settings in your home, contact Hertex Fabrics on 0860 437 839 or visit www.hertex.co.za

With such astonishing wallpaper selected for the photo shoot, I simply had to get the best for application.

If you want a polished look, with the wallpaper cut evenly and put up properly, I recommend giving CP Décor a call as they ensure your wallpaper is put up quickly, professionally and without any mistakes. And not only do the people at CP Décor just apply wallpaper, but they are also specialist installers of: wall coverings, interior and exterior paints, cornices and mouldings, flush plastered ceilings & bulkheads, dry walling and feature walls, skim plasters & rhinolite.

So for the best specialist in interior contractors, contact CP Décor on 0861 000 273 or visit www.cpdecor.co.za

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Loving and Leaving Adventure Boot Camp for Women

I am now in my final week of Adventure Boot Camp for Women (ABC), and it has been a truly wonderful experience! I have loved been out doors and the feeling of great accomplishment after each and every workout. I would recommend ABC for anyone who is looking to get fit fast as this training is not for the faint-hearted and more for women who are looking for a challenge while still being motivated by your fellow campers and trainer.  

As you may know from my pervious ABC blogs, you will receive a ‘Buddy Pass’ which allows you to bring along a friend during week 2 & 3. During my week 2 I brought along my sister, Carmin, to experience ABC and this is what she had to say:

Not knowing exactly what to expect of the hour ahead of me and after hearing all about it from Cleo, I was a little hesitant to start this session. But once I got into it, I even surprised myself on how well I kept up and managed to cope.

There were about five or six various activities and one even gave me a memory-workout! We never stood still - even in between the things we were told to do, we were always doing something, like jogging on the spot or star jumps – real boot camp style!

Other than the intense workout, it was a lot of fun and defiantly got me into the “zone” where nothing could stop me. It also made me realise that sheer perseverance to keep up with a new and unfamiliar exercise routine really gave me an incredible sense of achievement once the hour was over.

Boot Camp gave me a marvelous full-body workout and of course made me a feel a little stiff the next day, but that’s what made it all so worthwhile.

I’ll be back!

For more on ABC check out Facebook https://www.facebook.com/#!/AdventureBootCampSA or visit the ABC Concept Store in Claremont in Cape Town for info, the latest ABC training equipment and Ooh La La exercise clothing.

Qualified fitness trainers if are looking to follow your passion, here is your chance!  

Although ABC is now a household name among many South African women and is dramatically changing the way women are getting fit and losing weight. The success of each camper relies on fitness trainers who are passionate about exercise and who are keen to share their enthusiasm and knowledge. 

With over 44 branches nationwide and still growing, qualified fitness trainers can now own their share of Adventure Boot Camp by buying a franchise and becoming part of the brand’s growing success.

To be a part of this exciting fitness initiative means to receive constant support; a dedicated team of marketing and administrative staff; a world-class website and a proven business model.  

Qualified fitness trainers can get more info on this opportunity by visiting www.AdventureBootCamp.co.za, emailing franchise@adventurebootcamp.co.za or calling the National head office on 021 447 2746/082 567 2267. Applications for the next franchisee intake close on 15 September 2011.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meet the Trainer

 As I go into my third week of Adventure Boot Camp, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the lady who keeps us, Sandton campers, looking fit and fabulous.

Genevieve van der Vyver, 36 years, lives in Randburg with her partner Jason and her two mischievous, fluffy cat-kids, Lynx and Mila.

What would you do with an hour to yourself?
I would spend it outdoors – either on the lounger in the garden, a walk, a hike or a trail run out in the bush. 

Best short cut?
My dad always told me to do things properly the first time. 

Biggest time waster? Technology! For something that was designed to save you so much time, it seems more like a black hole. 

What do you wish you could devote more time to?
My other love, yoga. 

Small indulgences?
Enjoying lunch with family and friends under the trees on a sunny day. 

My luxury is?
Red wine. 

Guilty pleasures?
Condensed milk. 

Best thing that comes for free?
Sunshine and the great outdoors. One of the reasons I love being a boot camp instructor. 

Spender or saver?
I spend when I have it and save when I don’t. 

Who would play you in a film of your life?
Holly Hunter from ‘The Piano’ could represent me – at 52 she still represents strength and class, something I aspire to.  

Most embarrassing moment?
Some years ago, I was invited to accompany Jason to an award ceremony with his boss and peers. Unfortunately in the course of the evening I had to navigate some very steep stairs and as I was going down, my high heel caught in the hem of my trouser – unfortunately I realised it too late and as I pulled my leg forward to step down,  I went tumbling down the stairs, landing right at his boss’s feet!  The only thing worse than that feeling (and the grazes on my knees) was thereafter realising that I had also torn and ruined my beautiful Jenny Button suit!  

Greatest achievement?
Following my heart and getting into the fitness industry – particularly becoming an instructor for Adventure Boot Camp for Women. 

How do you reward yourself?
I sleep a little later on the weekend. 

Dream dinner guest?
Jerry Seinfeld – for a good laugh. Or Bono, the lead singer of rock band U2.

Friday, June 3, 2011


 So my first week of being at Adventure Boot Camp has come and gone, and so far I have thoroughly enjoyed it! I had forgotten how much I enjoyed working out within in a big group, even in the freezing cold.

Prior to your first week of Adventure Boot Camp (ABC) you’ll have to buy a few things, here is my list of the items I had fun shopping for.

·         Adidas Samba Indoor Soccer Training Shoe: R499 from Sportscene. Although ABC recommend a running shoe, I simply could not resist buying these retro shoes and here is why:
-       Sambas were first produced in 1950s.
-       It has been among Adidas' most popular, best-selling shoes with over 35 million sold pairs worldwide.
-       Sambas have transcended from the soccer courts and are now worn as a fashion sneaker. For example, Freddie Mercury, (lead singer of Queen) wore Sambas during the live performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody".
·         Maxed Black Yoga Mat: R179 from Mr Price Sport
·         Maxed Pink 2kg Weights: R59 each Mr Price Sport

There are also some great benefits from joining ABC, as on your first day of camp you receive a ‘Buddy Pass’. This allows you to bring a buddy with you during week 2 & 3, and you get as many buddy passes as you wish – just as long as you limit it to one buddy per day and she must have never attended an ABC before.  

Another benefit is the great online ‘Camper Zone’ which you have unlimited access to:  
·         Eating plans & recipes: Because Nutrition plays a major role you can simply click on their yummy recipes link to get some fresh ideas on healthy and delicious meals for you and your family.
·         Email their resident dietician, Kim Hofmann: You can email Kim if you with any questions you have relating to nutrition. And if you need a little more guidance, you can book a consultation with her at the discounted rate.
·         Track your results: Keep track of your progress with our helpful chart by entering your measurements to see how your hard work is paying off!
·         Keep track of the number of camps you’ve attended: Because ABC rewards loyal campers they have a surprise for you very tenth camp.
·         Claiming medical aid Wellness Programme points: ABC offer Momentum Multiply and Nedgroup Life clients the added benefit of claiming fitness points per ABC workout.
·         Join their Facebook page: Share online banter about camps, trainers, events and much more. Share your exercise goals, get inspiration from other stories and find fellow campers to train with during switch week or over the holidays.

To join Adventure Boot Camp, register at www.AdventureBootCamp.co.za or contact Adventure Boot Camp on 021 447 2746 or email amelia@adventurebootcamp.co.za